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Your 10 Step Plan to Combat Post Natal Depression

  1. Look out for the signs and symptoms

  2. Acknowledge the problem

  3. Don’t feel guilty, don’t run away, take the bull by its horns

  4. Get help: consult with your doctor

  5. Be compliant with medication

  6. Get advice and guidance through counselling

  7. Get support: set up a support structure of family and friends

  8. Take me-time or time out

  9. Eat a healthy diet

  10. Exercise

A mum needs to seek medical help if she feels that she may be experiencing postnatal depression as this is not 'just a phase'. Getting help can be life changing for mothers who have just given birth and for mums who are suffering with PND silently on a daily basis. It is a subject many people don't discuss openly as they have no platform to voice themselves and it is seen as a taboo in many societies.

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