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Very interesting. Many women need this information about PND and seek help. Because suffer from it and they are not aware that they are suffering from it.

N Gwala

Interesting topic. I'd like to read more about how mothers who suffer from PND are a community and how they are not. More information on the condition itself would also be valuable. Good start.

M Kneisel

Please let us know who the community members are? It is mothers who are suffering prom PND? How did this community begin. How do we identify the community members. What knowledge is there to the world about this community? What are your re-imaginings about this community. I want to know more about it please give enough information.

H Makuni

Very interesting Khan. It is really enlightening to most because PND is a subject not usually talked about. I am not sure what are the symtoms 'baby blues' but I think this is what I experienced immediately after I had my second baby. At the time I didn't even know about PND which I thought was my condition when I later learnt it exists. I hated my child and didn't have the joy of breast feeding him but that lasted for a week or two.
It is really important that mothers get educated about this condition, maybe it must a talk included during pre-natal classes or when mothers go for check-ups at the clinics- knowledge is power...                
Thank you for the information and looking forward to learning more about it and who the community is, what medication one needs, etc. It will be nice if you can add a sub-heading to the current information.

A Mamabolo

Its true that mothers need to be educated about PND. Most first mothers experience it and can be dangerous, not only for the mother but the child as well.

S Mathabatha

This is so informative
It really helps raise the awareness of PND.

A Sondiyazi

This is a very interesting topic that I could personally relate to.

M Thebyane

I personally can relate to this, but the challenge of coming from a dusty streets in rural areas of South Africa as African people will never understand what you going through and they brush it off instead of being supportive and advising you to seek help. Very informative and interesting topic to read, i loved reading it and i think outreach will be of much help especially in rural areas to educate them about such disorders.

B Shikwambana

Very Interesting topic. As a new mom i can definitely relate to this. It is tough bonding with a newborn and learning how to be a mom. However, a good support system during the early stages helps the mom transition. Thank you for providing information regarding PND. Looking forward to following your community page.

F Haffejee

Aadila thank you for educating me about Postnatal Depression. I know that so many mothers go through this experience and are afraid to share because of a fear of being stigmatized. Education is power and will go a long way to create a platform where more women can share their experiences  to ensure that they get the necessary support.  Eye opening indeed.

M Mabonga

This is a very interesting topic. Thanks for the info. It is good that we educate one another on these issues. Looking forward to learn more from this page.

V Motsepe

Thank you addressing a topic that is so often dismissed. I don't personal have experience with PND but I have seen the affect it can have on a family.

R O'Bery

Interesting topic indeed, I myself as a  mother have gone through the exact same trauma, I was left uncertain and very insecure about a lot of things especially the drastic change that happened to my body. I was full of doubt that I somehow lost focus and didn't at all focus on the joy that comes with being a first time mom.

I find your topic very informative and it definitely does address the issues the societies seemingly seem to somehow sweep under the carpet.

Job well done.

M Nxumalo

As a new mother i stay focused on checking the signs of PND. I have been around mothers who have been exposed to PND so bad they hated their babies and wanted to beat or throw them on the floor. 
I wish the was something hospitals can do after you give birth in order to remedy PND.

M Crisp

A lot of people shy away from the reality of this, I'm so glad you chose this topic to spread awareness about this. Most women feel depressed or like they're being a "bad mom". its so important to deal with it. I have a lot of family and friends who have shared their experiences and all of them said that there is no light shed on this subject so people see it to not be important.
Thanks for sharing! :)

T Kalyan

PND is often overlook and misunderstood by many. I like this community. It is very informative and enlightening. Thank you for shedding light on this matter.

K Matsana

Being/becoming a mother is so much more than just giving birth. It involves so much mental and emotional strength. PND is still a very much taboo topic to speak about, especially because mothers are expected to be strong and know exactly what to do. Because giving birth has been happening since the beginning of time, however, times are changing and the challenges that new and experienced mothers are facing (including traumatic and near death experiences) really does affect this joyous event. I truly hope that mothers who have been through this journey know that they are worthy and valuable and should never second guess themselves.

A Umutesiwase

Wow! I didn't know PND was this real! I'm not sure who's susceptible to this condition because to be honest, being a mother someday not too far in the future, overwhelms me! I think i suffer pre-PND just reading this! Thank you so much. My question is, do you eventually become ok though? When the child is pre-school age do you as the mother still have these feelings or it's just in the infancy stage?

T Ndlovu

Thank you for touching on this topic. There are a lot of new mothers out there who aren't aware that they have postnatal depression. My sister-in-law had PND with her first child. We didn't know at first. She didn't want anything to do with Quan. My mother and brother took care of him, until we could her help. Just a suggestion, list some symptoms for PND and see if you can find where people can find help in the townships or in the city.

M Schwartz

This is the reason I am scared to even have kids, I have so many thoughts and this is one of them.

N Mhlongo

Very informative for new mothers who go through this and have no clue what it is an why they feeling this way.

M Pillay

Love this topic. I personally relate as I experienced this in a bad way with my first child. More awareness is imperative. I like the fact that it's short and sweet but looking forward to reading more.

M Laidlaw

Also loving this topic. Thank you for addressing a very hushed issue...this should be spoken about!

Y Deale

Thank you for touching on this very sensitive topic. Many still go through it without much knowledge that they are suffering from something real and they need to stop punishing themselves. It would have been great to also see information on this page on where people can go to seek help.

M Seakamela

I am looking forward to your page updates. I suffered from PND after the birth of my first child. Of course, nobody around me understood what I was going through. It is a condition that needs to overcome stigma. I hope you are successful in founding your community of PND sufferers.

A Kader

Indeed PND is a serious mental illness that has been overlooked. All the best with your launch. Thank you for sharing this information with us.

C Makgoro

This is such an understudied subject that influences a vast amount of mothers. There are definitely a need for information on the subject and I am glad you make this information available to the world. Mothers suffering from PND usually feel ashamed because they think they are the only one's struggling with something that is 'supposed' to be a joyous time. This is a socially constructed concept that are fuelled by social media. The world displays motherhood of a newborn as an idyllic  experience of constant joy and love, while in reality it can be very stressful and associated with many negative emotions. It is important to educate mothers about the concept and de-stigmatise the 'struggling mother'. It is also important to not only identify the condition but to offer treatment to help relieve the symptoms. Music therapy is a healthy and successful way of treating the condition where both mother and baby can benefit.
Thank you for you page and good luck with the launch.

M Bierman

Thank you for you page and good luck with the launch.

PND to most people only affects new mothers, however what most societies and communities do  not know is that the disorder can affect the mother with every birth if it goes untreated from the first stage. I am in support of the other writer that the topic should be included in ante-natal classes, however, the question remains, how many of this classes do our fellow parents-to-be attend?

Worst case in other communities, expectant mothers do not attend any antenatal classes due to clinics being far or they are given home based care by an elder who is unknowledgeable to the disorder to may notice symptoms prior to the birth.

Another issue is that PND can also affect new fathers who had not had a chance to prepare for the little life they would have to be responsible for and share  a lot like their salary, time, space and spouse (if married) with.

So if you can at your launch, kindly address the disorder amongst men and you would be surprised at how men also suffer in silence for far of being labelled weak f fearful of changes in their lives.

Thank you for the lesson.... may you community grow to enlighten others.

C Onwudiwe

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